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Luther’s Hymns

Martin Luther wasn’t just a brilliant theologian; he was also a brilliant hymn writer. Luther’s influence on worship continues to be felt in churches around the world, from the justly famous “A Mighty Fortress is Our God” to less well remembered hymns. The following links provide a little insight into Luther’s hymns and their impact on worship today.

  1. A Guide to Luther’s Hymns – You can find a listing of Martin Luther’s hymns at Hymnary.org, along with details on which hymnals include these hymns.
  1. The Hymns of Martin Luther This classic text, edited by Leonard Woolsey Bacon and published in 1884, presents Luther’s original German texts alongside English translation, and includes musical notation.
  1. Why Luther’s Hymns Sound the Way They Do – This essay by Katie Schuermann (LCMS) provides some musical theory insight into Luther’s hymnody.
  1. Luther, Father of Song – This article from Jessica Fischer (Evangelical Church in Germany) explains how the “Nightingale of Wittenberg” shaped hymnody and the worship of the church.