500 Years Since the Beginning of the Reformation - 500 Years Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Montreal begins commemorations of 500th anniversary of the Reformation

Working in l’Eglise luthérienne de l’Ascension’s Prayer Garden in Montreal.

Working in l’Eglise luthérienne de l’Ascension’s Prayer Garden in Montreal.

The Quiet Garden
Lord, thy call we answer. Take us in thy care.

Train us in thy garden, In thy work to share.

MONTREAL, Quebec – At the front corner of l’Eglise luthérienne de l’Ascension is the Prayer Garden—an ongoing project, begun in 2015 in view of the upcoming 500th anniversary of the Reformation. The space builds on the idea of the Luthergarden in Wittenberg, Germany, a joint venture which sees Lutheran churches from around the world contribute 500 trees to plant there. That project is inspired by a quote attributed to Luther, “Even if I knew that the world were to collapse tomorrow, I would still plant my apple tree today,” a message of hope and responsibility.

The Montreal garden, including an “apple tree,” is intended to provide a haven for reflection in the multi-ethnic diversity of the inner-city neighbourhood around the church. Open day and night, the small enclosed area has been gradually evolving with the participation of some 25 volunteers thus far. The garden is a spiritual oasis in the city—a place for passersby to find a quiet interlude for prayer and meditation. Everyone is welcome to enter into this restful and secure space. It is filled with life and growth and colour, reminders of God’s reassuring work in our world. Organizers hope visitors, friends and neighbours to the garden will find solace, serenity and the radiant presence of the risen Lord, who first appeared to His followers in a garden.


Rev. Dr. David Somers