500 Years Since the Beginning of the Reformation - 500 Years Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Reformation outreach to your local school

Reformation-school-letterCANADA – As your congregation prepares to commemorate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation in 2017, you are likely considering ways to reach out to your community. Chances are your local school studies the Reformation at some point in its history curriculum. Why not ask if they would like a guest speaker on the topic—namely, your pastor or another leader in your church?

Lutheran Church–Canada has developed a draft letter you can use to introduce this idea to local schools in your area. Just download the letter here, update it with your church’s information, and send it off.

You can find additional Reformation-related resources, including posters, craft ideas, reading lists, and more, at www.reformation2017.ca/resources.