500 Years Since the Beginning of the Reformation - 500 Years Proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ

Bible Reading Plan

The front page of the 1541 edition of Luther's translation of the Bible.

The front page of the 1541 edition of Luther’s translation of the Bible.

“Sola Scriptura!” That was the rallying cry of the Reformation: Scripture alone! Central to the teachings of Reformation was the importance of God’s Word, as the ultimate authority in Christian faith and life. If you haven’t read the Bible in its entirety before, why not commit to doing so now?

The following plan was printed in the pages of The Canadian Lutheran magazine throughout 2015 and 2016. To make sure people don’t miss any readings, we printed a few extra weeks’ worth of readings in each issue. So you’ll note that there’s some overlap between readings in the downloads below.

Weeks 1-12
Weeks 10-21
Weeks 21-32
Weeks 32-43
Weeks 43-54
Weeks 54-65
Weeks 65-76
Weeks 76-87
Weeks 87-98
Weeks 98-105


Readings for the above plan are from the Lutheran Study Bible © 2006 Concordia Publishing House. Used with permission. To purchase this resource or other Bible reading resources, please visit CPH at www.cph.org.