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From Reformation to Globalization in Canada, Germany, and the World

October 05, 2017


The year 2017 will bring celebrations of the 500th anniversary of Martin Luther’s supposed posting of his 95 Theses as a signal event of the Protestant Reformation, as well as celebrations of the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Dominion of Canada. This dual anniversary will be celebrated with an exhibition of Reformation library treasures and an academic conference at Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa, jointly organized with the University of Erfurt, and with support from Library and Archives Canada, the Gotha Research Library, and the Embassy of Germany in Canada.

The exhibition “The Reformation – Translation and Transmission: Library Treasures from Germany and Canada” will provide a unique illustration of the worldwide impact of the Reformation by bringing together original editions and translations of Martin Luther’s works and other key Reformation texts from the Gotha Research Library, Saint Paul University and Library and Archives Canada.

In conjunction with the exhibition, the academic symposium “From Reformation to Globalization in Canada, Germany, and the World” will explore the myriad and seminal forms of impact that the Reformation has had and continues to have on many aspects of religion, politics, society, and culture in Canada, Germany, and the wider world. Academic experts from many disciplines will present their research on these links. Keynote lectures will be delivered by the renowned scholars Hans Joas (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Susan K. Wood (Marquette University, USA).

More information is available at http://ustpaul.ca/en/from-reformation-to-globalization_6172_17.htm.




Saint Paul University and the University of Ottawa
| Ottawa, Ontario

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